The Choose Conscious Challenge

The Choose Conscious Challenge

Christmas is a time for giving, a time for generosity, a time for thinking about others. That’s why we’ve decided to launch the Choose Conscious Christmas Challenge, to encourage our lovely and thoughtful readers to avoid the large corporations this Christmas in favour of the smaller and independent sellers who need your help and who run their business with an ethical ethos at their centre.

This year has been tough on many, with a lot of small businesses struggling to hold on. With Christmas fast approaching, we are in a position to really help these small businesses by taking our Christmas shopping to their doors (whether virtually or physically) instead of shopping with larger organisations that care little for the world in which we live, other than what it can give them.

It might be the easy choice to simply log in to Amazon and add that book your friend mentioned to your basket but buying that book from Amazon won’t make them smile. Buying something from a craftsperson who has spent hours creating beautiful and unique items is a sure-fire way to make them smile, plus you get to give a gift with a story, a history.

When looking for independent sellers and businesses, look for those who take into consideration the worldly impacts of the products they sell. Are they ethically and sustainably sourced? Are they made without harming animals or people? Asking these simple questions while you shop will help you choose consciously, opting for products and people who share your values rather than organisations that value profit over ethics.

We would love to hear about your conscious Christmas choices. You can share them with us on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #ChooseConsciousChallenge.

You can start your Choose Conscious Challenge by looking through the amazing sellers we have on our online shop. Selling lovely ethical, sustainable and vegan gifts, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Happy shopping!

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