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Berry Lip Scrub

Conscious House London


A soft moussey exfoliant for treating chapped lips.

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Soft and buttery, the Berry Lip Scrub has a moussey texture with a sprinkling of beetroot powder which acts as a gentle exfoliant. Lips chap easily from the crisp chilly days in winter and hot, sunny days in summer and this scrub is here to rescue them. Using 100% plant-based ingredients, it’s an all natural scrub that both removes chapped skin and delivers hydrating oils to the lips leaving you with a soft, glowy pout.

How to: Apply a 1cm sized amount to the lips and gently massage in a circular motion for around a minute. Blot or wipe with a tissue or face cloth, or leave on to sink in with a subtle glossy look.

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Natural, Vegan, Plastic-free

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