Sellers Guide

Information on all the How To’s and FAQ’s for our Partners but if anything is missing please reach out to us for support.

How do I start my partnership with you?

Fill in the contact box, we will then send out a short questionnaire about your company and products, once approved we will issue a login and password so you can upload and get started!

Where do I sign in?

There is a My Account button at the bottom right of the screen.

How will I know I have an order?

You are notified to your prefered email address.

Is there a membership or subscription fee?

No, we work on a commission of sales basis.

Is there technical support for creating my listings?

Yes, we are available to assist at

How will I get paid?

Depending on if the customer has paid through Stripe or PayPal you will receive your money live or when you withdraw from the account.

Most of you will have had some experience with photographing your products, either for other marketplaces, for your web site or for Social media but don’t worry if you haven’t we can support you every step of the way.

We are looking for quality photos that show off your product in an inviting way and at their best. These should be a minimum of 640 pixels wide x 480 pixels high; the size limit is 16mb and we’d usually recommend JPG or PNGs.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure of the size of your image, the system will let you know if it isn’t going to fit and you can contact us at or through our contact page if you’d like support.

It’s important to be clear about your delivery costs and as an ethical business we expect the costs to be as economical as possible for the customer, fair pricing is essential. The packaging is important to our customers and you must agree to ensure all packaging used is recyclable and plastic free or plant type plastic. If you are having issues with sourcing affordable packaging, we are able to offer support on this and have a bulk buying group which can significantly reduce costs.

We request that you price your goods the same on this marketplace as you do on any other, this helps support our message and still leaves the consumer with a choice. If they would like to find your product and purchase from you directly, they can do that and all costs will still be the same so promoting free choice.

When loading your items onto our platform you will see a set of tags that help our customers understand your product and ensure they are purchasing clearly. This might help for example if you offer an item that is Vegan but you also make products that aren’t vegan. An example might be that you have a range of soaps that are Vegan but also sell some elsewhere that are not vegan because there is perhaps one with honey in it, that being the case we would expect you to label the product as VR, Vegan Range, that lets our customers know and make an informed decision to purchase from that range.

The Tags are Ethical, Sustainable, Vegan, Vegan Range, Plastic Free, we will be adding more as we see the range of products extend.

We have aimed to make our cost model simple, with one deduction that covers all fee elements. We try to keep our costs competitive and they certainly fall short of the charges on some platforms and are a little more than charges on others. Selling with Choose Conscious there is a 12% commission payable on each transaction, this is made up of listing cost, transaction fee, processing fee. We do not add on the postal cost before calculating the commission. There is VAT then added to your invoice.

Example charges on an item costing £10.00

Charge £1.20

VAT £0.24

Total deduction £1.44

We do our business banking with Tridos. We have chosen to use Stripe as our preferred card payment platform, having researched multiple companies Stripe seemed to fit closest to our brand values. We use Stripe Connected which means when a purchase is made the payment comes directly to you, less the commission. PayPal is also an option for customers.

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